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FutureFeed CMMC 2.0 Upgrade

The FutureFeed 2.0 upgrade to align with CMMC 2.0.Details regarding CMMC 2.0, announced on 04 NOV 2021 are available here: OUSD A&S - Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) (osd.mil).The site is robust and easily consumed. It is a FutureFeed recommended read.

FutureFeed Change Listing:

  • NIST 800-171 has been eliminated as a separate view given that CMMC Level 2 Advanced has the same controls. All CMMC Levels have been renumbered to reflect the new numbering scheme. When DoD releases the CMMC 2.0 Assessment Guide(s), scoping guidance, and related documents, we will update the CMMC practices and domains.
  • Separate scoring and progress for NIST 800-171 has been eliminated. The new scoring box is entitled CMMC SPRS Score and has been reformatted to include a slider so that the user can visually see progress towards the goal of 100% compliance.
  • CMMC v1.0 Levels 1-5 have been deprecated but remain available as additional views. While they are no longer part of the CMMC standard, many organizations may find value in practices that have been eliminated, so these practices are still referenceable. Additionally, many industry experts find the CMMC v1.0 processes to be a valuable best practices guide, and thus they remain available in the deprecated views.
  • Currently CMMC Level 3 Expert is not available, pending further direction from DoD.
  • The team compliance dashboard, the presentation and deliverables, and all reports have been updated to reflect the changes listed above.
  • The FutureFeed platform has also been updated to reflect DoD’s CMMC 2.0color scheme: Pink reflects CMMC Level 1 and Bright Green CMMC Level 2.
  • Guidance from the DoD CMMC 2.0 website has been captured and placed in the platform in a context-sensitive manner. This will be an ongoing process.

FutureFeed is committed to a rapid upgrade cadence when underlying standards change. We appreciate any feedback, given the large number of industry experts using the platform. Lease share your suggestions and critiques if you have them via email to support@futurefeed.co.

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