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5-day notice audits have already begun for military and defense contractors - the DoD / DMCA (Defense Management Contract Agency) only has to give you 5-days notice if they want to come and audit your SPRS score. Are you confident in your SPRS score? If this score is inaccurate then you can be penalized and lose your DoD contract. So why risk it? Come to this 4-hour workshop and listen to the experts who can provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your DoD contracts and what you need to so now to accurately verify your SPRS score. We will also tell you what to expect during these audits.

Questions we will answer:

What is the SPRS requirement?

What is the SPRS score telling the government?

Why has SPRS been added to DFARS 7012?

How does the DoD Low Self-Assessment align with existing requirements under DFARS 7012?

What evidence is expected to support the SPRS score?

What evidence and documentation do I need to meet DFARS 7012 that I can use to meet SPRS requirements?

What impact does my Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) have on my score?

What are the expected changes to the DoD's policy on acceptance or denial of certain POA&M items for DFARS 7012 and SPRS?

How does the score relate to CMMC certification?

Who is responsible for enforcing the SPRS requirement?

What are the DoD's standards for Prime Contractor enforcement to their subcontractors under the Contractor Purchasing System Review Guidebook?

What are the expectations of Prime Contractors for an SPRS score?

What are the risks of posting an inaccurate SPRS score?

Is there a risk if the score is inaccurate related to the Federal False Claims Act or other contract penalties?

Plus…any additional questions you have!!

October 26, 2022 - 1:00 PM 

SPRS, compliance, CMMC

Regan Edens

SPRS, compliance, CMMC

Col. Darold Tippey (Ret.)

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