2024 Defense One Tech Summit

2024 Defense One Tech Summit







The U.S. lead in technology development is ever more hotly contested, particularly by autocratic states bent on challenging the international order. Breakthroughs in critical emerging technologies like AI, hypersonics, quantum science, directed energy, and biotechnology—once believed decades away—are now reshaping battlefields and geopolitical realities. These technologies will yield advantages for whomever can develop and deploy them first, and the Pentagon is determined to win the race.

Join Defense One’s 9th annual Tech Summit to see how the Pentagon and its partners are turning science fiction into reality. We will convene senior DoD and industry leaders to discuss advancements in battlefield and backend technologies—and how the U.S. government can better work with startups, academia, and international partners.

June 18, 2024 - 12:00 PM 

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