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Many industry-leading services providers, including Managed Services Providers ("MSPs"), Managed Security Services Providers ("MSSPs"), independent assessment organizations (e.g., "C3PAOs" and "3PAOs"), and consultants, recognize the advantages that our Services offer to them and their clients. That is why they are choosing to standardize their services offerings around our Services.

Similarly, facilitator groups, such as:

can benefit by leveraging the Services to oversee the cybersecurity work they perform for their clients.

In addition, some developers of content and software are creating Add-ons which provide additional capabilities or information to our Services.

We refer to these various services providers ("Providers"), facilitators ("Facilitators"), and developers ("Developers") collectively as "Partners" because of the tight relationship we maintain with them as they assist their Clients. Partners are also eligible for special pricing and other incentives. Our use of the term Partner should not be construed as us granting the Partners any ability to make commitments for us without our consent, or that the Partners have any ownership interest in, or other control over, the Company.

Partner Program Agreement

The first step in becoming a Partner is to review the Partner Program Agreement. That agreement references a few other documents, including the:

All Partner Program participants must:

  1. Review and accept the Partner Program terms;
  2. Submit a Partner Program application;
  3. Be approved by the Company; and,
  4. Continue to follow all Partner Program terms.

Facilitator Addendum

Facilitators play a special role in helping ensure our nation's supply chain is properly protected from cyber threats. Because of the unique nature of their role, the Services give Facilitators additional capabilities and visibility beyond what is available to Partners. The Facilitator Addendum addresses the additional rights and responsibilities associated with participating in the Partner Program as a Facilitator. All Facilitators must review and accept both the Partner Program Agreement and the Facilitator Addendum to participate as a Facilitator in the Partner Program.

Third-Party Add-on Addendum

Developers who create Add-ons for our Services must review and accept the Partner Program Agreement and the Third-Party Add-on Addendum to provide Add-ons to our Clients.

Partner Program Application

After you have reviewed the Partner Program Agreement and, if applicable, the Facilitator Addendum, the next step is to submit your Partner Program application. Your application will be reviewed in a timely manner and, if you are approved, we will be in touch about next steps.


Click here to contact us with general questions about our agreements and terms.

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