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Here you can find copies of our agreement terms, privacy policy, security information, intellectual property-related information, and other "documents." We strive for consistency, so, where possible, our documents use the same set of defined words. You can tell when we are using a defined word because the first letter will be capitalized (for example, we capitalize the C in "the Company" when we are referring to ourselves). The definitions for those words can be found on our Definitions page. Please click here for a complete listing of our agreements, policies, and related documents.

Documents that Apply to Everyone

By accessing any of the Company's website(s) and other Services, you are agreeing to abide by our Terms of Use. Any information you provide to the Company will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you use our community or support pages, or any other interactive components of the Services, you must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy. We protect your information using a variety of security tools and practices; additional details can be found on our Security page. Our Data Retention Policy describes our default data retention policy. Our Insurance page describes the insurance we carry.

Some agreements may reference other agreements and other pages, such as our Trademark and Copyright Usage Guidelines. Some agreements may also include terms that supersede or add additional clarity to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or other documents.

Responsible Disclosure of Bugs and Vulnerabilities

If you find a bug, vulnerability, or other flaw in any of our sites or Services, we encourage you to submit them to us. We have created a responsible disclosure page that describes this process.

Client/Subscriber Agreements

If you subscribe to a Service (i.e., if you are a Client), your use of that Service will be subject to the additional terms defined in the Subscription Agreement, and we will provide support for the Service in accordance with the commitments on our Support page.

Partner Agreements

Our Partners play a critical role in helping secure our end clients. To that end, we require all of our Partners to comply with our Partner Code of Conduct. If you are a Partner, the terms of that relationship are defined in the Partner Program Agreement. Additional details can be found on our Partner and Facilitator Page.


If your organization isn't ready to be a full Partner but you would like to benefit by referring potential customers to us, our Referral Partner Program might be a good choice. As a Referral Partner, we will pay you a Referral Fee for each Contact you provide that results in a sale within a certain period of time (subject to certain conditions, as described in the Referral Agreement). To join the Referral Partner program, review the Referral Agreement, then fill out the Referral Program Application. Approved Referral Partners can simply submit their Contact(s) using our Referral Form to start earning Referral Fees!

Facilitator Program Addendum

If you represent a Manufacturing Extension Partnership ("MEP"), Small Business Development Center ("SBDC"), Procurement Technical Assistance Center ("PTAC"), or other such organization, you may qualify to participate in the Partner Program as a Facilitator. Facilitators play a special role in the FutureFeed ecosystem, and we grant Facilitators additional rights in the Services and other benefits. To register as a Facilitator, you must first review and accept the Facilitator Addendum, then your application will be reviewed. Details can be found on our Partner and Facilitator Page.

Third-Party Add-On Developers

Our Services are extensible and some Developers have created content which we make available through those Services. The agreement between the Company and those Developers can be found on the Third-Party Add-on Developer Addendum Page.

In-Platform Marketing Agreement

We may allow some third-parties to advertise their goods or services within our Services. The In-Platform Marketing Agreement governs the term of those advertisements.

Copyright and Trademark

We take intellectual property protection very seriously. Please see our Copyright Infringement page for information about copyrights and how to report potential infringement.

We have worked hard to build a trusted brand, and we protect our logos, marks, and other trademarks. Please see our Trademark and Copyright Usage Guidelines for information about using our marks and copyrighted materials.

Legal-related Contact Information

  • For questions about our agreements, policies, and other documents, please E-mail:
  • To inquire about the usage of our copyrighted materials or to submit a notice of potential copyright infringement:
  • To inquire about our trademarks, including requests to use the marks, logos, or another branding:
  • To contact our legal department about other issues:
  • To contact our compliance department about other issues:

Version: 23.04a

Change Log:

23.04a - 03-APR-2023 - Updated to include reference to Insurance page

23.02a - 13-FEB-2023 - Updated to include reference to Referral Agreement

22.07a - 25-JUL-2022 - Updated to include reference to Third-Party Add-On Developer Addendum

22.06a - 16-JUN-2022 - Updated to refer to Services rather than the platform

22.05b - 18-MAY-2022 - Clarified the role of the Data Retention Policy

22.05a - 02-MAY-2022 - Added reference to Responsible Disclosure page

22.04b - 27-APR-2022 - Reorganized information

22.04a - 18-APR-2022 - Initial Online Version Publication

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