1. Overview
    1. This Data Retention Policy applies to data that is available in the Services including, but not limited to, assessment information, evidence uploads, policy documents, and system security plans. Customer data collected by Continuous Compliance, LLC dba FutureFeed (the "Company") via the Services is retained for a specific period of time. This period is referred to as the “default data retention period”. This document includes capitalized words which are defined on our Definitions page.
  2. Changes to Policy
    1. The Company may change this Policy by linking to an updated version of the Policy at and such updates will be effective upon posting.
    2. Click here to contact us if you have a question about this Policy.
  3. Default Data Retention Period
    1. The data retention policy defines a data retention period in which user data will be stored within the Services. By default, data is retained while a subscription is active and for six (6) months after the a Subscription to a Service is canceled.
  4. Reducing the Default Data Retention Period
    1. A customer can reduce the default data retention period by contacting the Company via phone or email. There is no charge for reducing the default data retention period.
  5. Accessing Retained Data
    1. Data retained within a Service can be accessed while a subscription is active or by renewing a previously canceled subscription within the data retention period. Access to data is unavailable without a paid subscription. Data will not be available after the data retention period has passed.
  6. Data Deletion
    1. The Company retains the right to delete data for dates beyond the data retention period as defined in this document with no option for recovery. Upon written request by Client, the Company shall provide a certification that all data has been deleted in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.

Version: 22.06a

Change Log:

22.06a - 16-JUN-2022 - Updated to refer to Services rather than just the platform

22.04b - 23-APR-2022 - Updated data deletion clause

22.04a - 18-APR-2022 - Clerical updates

22.01a - 15-JAN-2022 - Initial Online Version Publication

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