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This page describes the minimum insurance that the Company carries, and we encourage all Partners, Facilitators, Developers, and other related entities to consider carrying similar coverage. This page incorporates definitions from our Definitions page.

  1. Minimum Coverage Limits. The Company will maintain, at its sole cost and expense, the minimum valid, effective and collectible insurance of the following types and minimum coverage amounts:
    1. Employers’ Liability. Employers’ liability insurance with a limit of not less than $500,000 for bodily injury by accident, $500,000 for bodily injury by disease, and $500,000 for policy limits.
    2. Commercial General Liability. Commercial general liability insurance providing coverage on an occurrence form basis and including coverage for bodily injury, property damage, blanket contractual liability (including coverage for any relevant indemnification obligations), products liability, and completed operations. The insurance shall have limits of not less than $1 million each occurrence for bodily injury and property damage and personal and advertising injury, $2 million annual general aggregate, and $2 million products and completed operations annual aggregate. The Company's Commercial General Liability policy or policies provides that the insurance company has the duty to defend all insureds under the policy.
    3. Technology Error & Omissions and Cyber Liability. Cyber security and privacy liability coverage of at least $1 million or evidence of expanded coverage for actual or alleged privacy breaches, confidentiality breaches, security breaches, and on-line media activity within our general commercial liability or professional liability policies.
  2. Umbrella Policies. Where applicable, Umbrella or Excess liability insurance policies may be used to provide the limits required under this Agreement.
  3. Insurance Requirements. All insurance policies are issued by companies licensed in the appropraite state who hold a current Policy Holder Alphabetic Category Rating of not less than "A-" and Financial Size Category Rating of not less than "VII" according to the latest edition of A.M. Best's Key Rating Guide. The insurance may be provided on the basis of primary and umbrella/excess coverage as long as the primary coverage is a minimum of $1 million and the umbrella/excess coverage is at least as broad as the coverage under the primary policy, including the coverage for all additional insureds.

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