This privacy and data retention policy (this "Policy") describes how the FutureFeed service (the "Service") provided by Continuous Compliance, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company (the "Company"), uses data collected from you when you visit (the "Site"). All references to "you" (and related possessive use) within this Policy shall mean you, any of your agents and any third party on whose behalf you use the Site and/or the Service.

1. What information is collected?

The Service develops software and provides IT consulting as a means of steering the strategy and management of the Company’s business clients. For the Service to be implemented, the Company collects non-anonymized, detailed, secure information about you. Your IP address may be collected as well.

The Company employs third parties to administer some of the Site’s functions. These third parties may collect your personal information. Please remember that the manner in which third parties use, store and disclose your information is not governed by this Policy, but by the policies of such third parties. The Company shall have no liability or responsibility for the privacy practices or other actions of any third parties that administer any of the Site’s functions.

Type of Information CollectedHow the Information is UsedDeleted when Data Retention Period (as defined below) ends?
For Client Organizations
Website Contact InformationSupportNo
Organizational Contact InformationCompliance UsageYes
Organizational Company Profile InformationCompliance UsageYes
Organization Inventory ItemsCompliance UsageYes
Organization Qualitative Compliance InformationCompliance UsageDetail deleted; Aggregated responses retained anonymously
Attachment UploadsCompliance UsageYes
Generated Reports and DeliverablesCompliance UsageYes
Usage Tracking DataSupportYes
For Client Organizations
Client Names and Publicly Available Contact InformationFlowdown Features and/or Client ManagementNo
Client Names and Publicly Available Contact InformationClient FutureFeed Subscription StatusNo
Non-Public Client Contact InformationClient FutureFeed Subscription StatusYes
Client Summary ScoringClient FutureFeed Subscription StatusYes
Prior Approved Client SharesClient FutureFeed Subscription StatusYes
2. How is the data used?

Your data will be anonymized and shared with other users of the Site and/or the Service, including prime contractors looking to hire contractor organizations, Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (both local and national), the federal government and the general public.

At your sole discretion your non-anonymized, detailed, secure data will be shared with other users of the Site and/or the Service.

3. How does the Site protect stored data?

The Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards for protection of the security, confidentiality and integrity of your data.

4. How long does the Site store data?

Your data will be stored while your subscription to the Service (your "Subscription") remains active and for a period of six (6) months after your Subscription becomes inactive (the "Data Retention Period"). Should your Subscription be cancelled by you or terminated by the Company, any non-anonymized, detailed, secure data associated with your account will be deleted by the Company at the end of the Data Retention Period; however, the anonymized data collected from you will be retained in storage by the Company for the purposes of industry and peer analysis.

5. Can users of the Site shorten the Data Retention Period?

Yes, at any time after which your Subscription has become inactive, you may request that the Data Retention Period be shortened by contacting the Company via email or mail (for contact information, please see Section 14 of this Policy below). Upon receipt of your request that the Data Retention Period be shortened, the Company may at its sole discretion delete any non-anonymized, detailed, secure data associated with your account. Any request by you that the Data Retention Period be shortened shall be subject to a balancing of your interest in the non-anonymized, detailed, secure data to those interests of the Company in the same data being retained.

6. Once the Company deletes data, can it still be retrieved?

The Company reserves the right to permanently delete your non-anonymized, detailed, secure data at the termination of the Data Retention Period with no option for recovery.

7. Does the Site use cookies?

Yes, the Site uses cookies in a variety of ways to improve your experience on the Site, and more specifically for app sessions. Cookies also allow the Company to monitor and evaluate how you use the Site.

8. Can users of the Site control their cookies?

Yes, you may completely control your cookies through the use of a product integrated by the Company. The product can be accessed at

You may also change your browser settings to not accept cookies. However, doing so may prevent some features of the Site from functioning properly.

Your web browser settings may allow you to automatically transmit a "Do Not Track" (DNT) request to websites and online services you visit. If the Site receives a DNT request from your web browser, and if you operate multiple websites from different domains and/or your website operates from several sub-domains, the Site will not set a third-party cookie that enables bulk consent by identifying you across your websites.

9. What rights do users of the Site have regarding the protection of their data?

You have the right to request "Data Erasure." This right provides that you may request that the Company erase your personal data and cease further dissemination of your data. The conditions for Data Erasure and the protections thereby afforded, as outlined in Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), include data that is no longer relevant to the original purposes of data processing and storage. Any request by you for Data Erasure is subject to a balancing of your interest in the data to those interests of the Company and other users of the Site and/or the Service in the data remaining available.

10. Does this Policy apply to websites accessed by links that appear on the Site?

No, this Policy applies only to the Site; its provisions do not extend beyond the Site. A user who accesses a third-party website via a hyperlink that appears on the Site should review the privacy policy and/or data retention policy of that third-party website.

11. Will user data be used for marketing purposes?

The Company will occasionally send marketing communications to you regarding additional services offered by the Company.

The Company will not release your data to third parties to be used for marketing communications..

12. Is the Site Compliant with the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)?

Yes, the Company and the Site are in compliance with the requirements of COPPA. The Company will not intentionally collect any information from anyone under thirteen (13) years of age. The Site and the Service are directed at people who are at least thirteen (13) years of age or older.

13. Will the Company ever change this Policy?

The Company reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. Users of the Site and/or the Service should regularly review this Policy.

This Policy was last updated on July 24, 2019.

14. How do I contact the Company regarding this Policy?

Questions and/or concerns about this Policy, as well as any requests of the Company regarding this Policy, may be emailed to

Should you wish to contact the Company via mail, please send correspondence to the following address:

Continuous Compliance, LLC

936 Fell Street

Baltimore, MD 21231

15. How can a violation of this Policy be reported?

If you feel that your rights under this Policy have been violated and that the Company has been unresponsive to your concerns, you may contact the Federal Trade Commission through its "FTC Complaint Assistant" website at

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