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Our Services are market-leading, and we strive to keep them that way. We also make available to our Clients a range of mechanisms for obtaining assistance, and reporting issues, with our Services. If you have questions about our support, please contact us via E-mail or using the in-app support capability. Except as set forth below or in an Order Form (see our Definitions page for the definitions of capitalized terms), the following support options are included with all paid-for Services at no additional cost to Client:

  1. Updates and Improvements
    1. We agree to use commercially reasonable efforts to, where appropriate:
      1. update the Services to reflect changes in compliance and regulatory requirements;
      2. improve Services availability and performance; and,
      3. enhance the Services with new capabilities.

  2. Reactive Support
    1. We agree to use commercially reasonable efforts to:
      1. Correct all failures of the Services such that they are available or otherwise perform in accordance with their documentation, including by providing defect repair, programming corrections, and remedial programming;
      2. Provide chat and telephone callback support during the Company's business hours of 8 am to 6 pm US Eastern Time on business days (Monday through Friday, except US federal holidays as defined by the Office of Personnel Management ("OPM") of the United States government), as available;
      3. Provide online access to technical support bulletins, security events, and other user support information (see, e.g., and forums;
      4. Include, for security incidents, details of the event and other information as required by law;
      5. Cooperate with Clients and Partners in any effort, action, or proceeding to protect the end user and/or mitigate the impact of a security event as required by law;
      6. Provide online ticket support outside business hours and on weekends, as available; and,
      7. Standard Support:
        1. Respond to all support requests within two (2) business days;
      8. Enhanced Support:
        1. For an additional fee, the Company will respond to all support requests within eight (8) business hours.

  3. Proactive Support
    1. Knowledgebase.
      1. The Services include access to our knowledge base (accessible via which is populated with articles hand-selected for their relevance to CMMC and the assessment process.
    2. Collaboration Center.
      1. Subscriptions to Services also include access to our collaboration center where tool issues and usage can be discussed along with assessment and cybersecurity strategies. The community is actively monitored and curated by FutureFeed staff.
    3. Training.
      1. Free, Live Training. Our Services have been designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use. However, we also recognize how valuable it can be to speak with a live human, especially when learning to use a new application. That is why we include free, live, online training with many of our subscriptions. Your Order Form will describe the amount of free training available to you. You can use that training time to help familiarize yourself with a Service, or your can ask our team specific questions about a Service or the underlying concepts.
      2. Additional Training. We also offer additional training, including on-site training, for an additional fee. Fee-based training can be arranged by contacting our support team. Additional training-related terms, including any free training which may be available, will be listed on an Order Form.

  4. Uptime
    1. Our clients depend on our Services, and we are grateful for the trust they put in us. If a Service is unavailable for thirty-six (36) or more consecutive hours due to an issue we directly cause, we will issue, upon request, impacted Clients or Partners (i.e., those who attempt to access and use the Service during the unavailability period) a prorated service credit for the time that the Service is unavailable. Service credits are applied to the Clients' next bill, and are not refundable. Service credits are not available for Force Majeure events.

  5. Subscription Restoration
    1. If your Subscription is paused for any reason (e.g., non-payment), we will restore your access to the Subscription within five (5) business days of the date on which the restoration is approved by our management.

  6. Documentation
    1. Upon request from a Client with at least one active Subscription to a Service, the Company will supply documentation of performance on a relevant support request or service unavailability.

Version: 22.06b

Change Log:

22.06b - 20-JUN-2022 - Added Subscription Restoration commitments

22.06a - 16-JUN-2022 - Updated to reference Services rather than individual products

22.04d - 26-APR-2022 - Clarified the training language and added reference to Definitions.

22.04c - 21-APR-2022 - Updated to add Documentation and Updates and Improvements sections.

22.04b - 20-APR-2022 - Updated to include a contact E-mail information, to clarify that the reference to OPM is the federal government (not a state agency), and to reflect nonrefundable nature of the service credits.

22.04a - 18-APR-2022 - Initial Online Version Publication.

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