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When growing your practice at volume, needs change. FutureFeed's one-click reports that made initial QBR preparation a snap become a method to standardize communication across the client base. Moreover, workflows and service offerings must be standardized so that services can be rolled out and managed for tens or even scores of clients concurrently.

A high-volume practice requires a way to manage both your staff and the quality of their work. Enter the Powered by FutureFeed Program.

For a single, modest membership fee the Powered by FutureFeed program delivers the following:

  • Discounted Core Subscription fee. All clients up to 500 FTE employees are charged the same flat fee for FutureFeed Core.
  • Single Monthly Bill. All subscriptions will start immediately when the order is placed. However, the billing cycle will begin on the first day of the following month.
  • Simpler Billing. Commissions and discounts are baked into the pricing. No need to track separately or for 1099s.
  • No cost Partner Template Subscription. Roll out subscriptions with your expertise baked into new client's subscriptions. Well populated templates can significantly reduce hours for each client's pre-assessment work and end the re-typing of the same information for many clients.
  • Logo usage. Members can use the Powered by FutureFeed logo on their website and in marketing materials to put their brand first, but still gain the affirmation of using FutureFeed's acclaimed reputation.
  • Partner Portal Access. Access to a partner portal where new subscriptions can be initiated and managed.
  • Marketing Dollars. FutureFeed will provide up to 20% of booth and “swag” costs for approved partner events that include the Powered by FutureFeed branding as part of the presentation.

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