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DFARS Compliance Delivered

FutureFeed delivers more than a fast, efficient assessment. It delivers your living Assessment, Plan of Action and SSP. 1-2-3 and done.

Whether online or in spreadsheet form, traditional assessments are grueling tasks that are undertaken once a year and then rarely touched, until the regulatory required annual process begins again the next year. Not so, with FutureFeed.

The FutureFeed tool begins by capturing the context of your business and the information that needs protecting. It then provides a place for you to document the tools and team in your cybersecurity. As your business evolves, so does the tool.

It doesn’t end with an Assessment

FutureFeed, bakes in Project Portfolio Management. Whether compliance driven or innovation driven, everything you need is in one place. And, as you complete projects, your compliance stature instantly updates.

An assessment, a plan of action, and an SSP that is available anytime, not just once a year. The strategic technology platform you have always needed – FutureFeed.

The FutureFeed DFARS Assessment Process

An assessment is by nature a complex undertaking. At FutureFeed we understand and keep it dead simple. You will always know where you are in the process and you’ll know your current compliance score. Remember something later? Our global search will help you find it quickly.
Subway Map
Describe your business and the CUI data you store.​
Match your inventory and answer questions related to the NIST 800-171 controls.​
Relax! ​Print your automated POA&M and SSP.​ We’re done.​
Create a high-level inventory of your Team and Tech.​​
Group and Schedule any compliance to-do’s into projects.​

1-2-3 and Done

The NIST 800-171 has 110 controls organized into 14 families. The FutureFeed living assessment allows you to define accountability for each, assign the inventory that is in place, and answer a few questions about how it is all working. Along the way if you find you are missing a tool or a policy, no problem.

Future Feed has your back with recommendations that follow the NIST handbook and best practices which will be instantly added to your POA&M (Plan of Actions and Milestones).



Assigning an accountable party for each control means you will never be wondering who is in charge or who should follow-up.

And if you want to skip the process of collecting more detailed evidence, you can explain how the control is set up and move on.



Why read and answer long questions about how a control works, when you can just select from your tools and policies and be done with it? We get it. With the FutureFeed tool, you or your assessor can preload the stuff of your IT - tools, policies, etc., and it will be available to select when you need it.



After defining your control, all that is left is to answer a few questions about whether it is all working well. The questions are sourced from the NIST 800-171 handbook and from industry standard best practices. In most cases, there are just a few per control.

You are not alone

Especially if this is your first time being assessed, it can help to know if your organization is an outlier or, even better, ahead of your peers. Our peer performance indicator will show you where other FutureFeed users are for each control.

Plan of Actions & Milestones
System Security Plan

Comprehensive Assessment

There is simply no other tool that delivers a dynamic assessment, generates a POA&M and builds a dynamic SSP for you. Other tools help with the assessment, leaving you to build an Action Plan. Still more advise you on the SSP, but don’t build one. The FutureFeed platform intelligently uses the information that you enter to deliver all three.

Not Applicable? Not a Problem

The DFARS compliance regulations cite NIST standards. But, not all companies are the same. If yours is smaller, or does things differently, the power button on each control, inventory category or question allows you to explain your situation once and move on. No duplication or repeat of effort.

Compliance at a Glance

For each control, your overall compliance updates as you update your business. The assessment lives and evolves with you, making follow-up assessments 50-80% faster.

NIST 800-171

The NIST Guidance is currently at SP 800-171 Rev. 1 and SP 800-171. The comment period for the next revision has ended and when published it will be immediately included in the platform. Current status details available here: will always evolve with the regulation, and never leave your prior work orphaned.

Everyone Can Contribute

Cybersecurity is only solid if everyone participates. Tech and tools don’t work without planning training, accountability, and review.

FutureFeed allows you to add owners, managers, users, and even vendors so that your compliance picture can be painted by those who know it best.

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