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CMMC IT Documentation Toolkit

CMMC IT Documentation Toolkit

InTech Solutions (FutureFeed Partner)

What's Inside

IT Policies
  • Consolidated IT Security Policies Template (includes required policies not noted below)
  • Privacy and Security Policy Notice for Logon
  • Acceptable Use Policy for Employees
IT Plans
  • Incident Response Plan + Procedures Template with Incident Report Template
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan Template
  • Risk Management Plan Template + Meeting Agendas
  • Asset Management Plan Template
  • Awareness and Training Plan Template with 3 PowerPoint Training Templates
  • Information Control & Flow Plan Template
IT Procedures
  • Over 30+ Procedure Templates
IT Lists
  • Approved Software List Template
  • Authorized Remote Access Template
  • Removable Media Sign Out Sheet Template
  • Approved Removable Media Template
  • Required Documentation List
  • Network | Server Room Log Form
How To’s for MSP's and MSSP's
  • How to Onboard a Client + Agenda
  • How to Engage in a Short Term CMMC Assessment
  • How to Engage in a Long Term CMMC Assessment + Ongoing Agreement
  • Assessment Report of Findings Template

Cost: $4,995 / One-Time Charge
Annual Update Service after Year One: $1,000
Participants in the CMMC Fast-Track Program get the Annual Update Service for free.

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